Stephanie Taylor

Facilitator – Stephanie Taylor

My passion for helping people with learning challenges grew out of my concern for my own child, whose struggles were formidable.  She and the school system were failing each other and I embarked on a mission to find a better solution. My search led me to read “The Gift of Dyslexia,” by Ronald D. Davis, which set us on a course that has profoundly impacted my entire family. 

We were willing to travel to another state so my daughter could work with a wonderful Davis facilitator who taught her how to control her dyslexia and unlock her learning potential.  After her program, her improvement was so drastic she didn’t even test like the same child. (I didn’t know that kind of immediate and drastic improvement was even possible!) I was deeply impressed by the Davis Methods and ultimately decided to get licensed to help the many others that I knew needed help here in Utah. 

As a professional, my work as a licensed Davis facilitator has been enormously rewarding. At the beginning of a program, I start with a wonderful person who feels broken, defective or stupid and help them see and tap into their true potential. That transformation of thought about one’s self and what is possible for them is incredible to be a part of and watch.  By the end of a program, my clients feel able to achieve anything they set their minds to accomplishing. Rather than feeling controlled and defined by their “DISabilities” they see themselves as smart, possessing amazing “abilities” capable of doing hard things.

As a mother, the decision to get licensed in the Davis methods has continued to bless my family as all three of my children have turned out to be gifted dyslexic thinkers! Learning how to control their perceptions and get rid of the disorientations that caused their learning challenges has been nothing short of a miracle for all of us.  The Davis methods work better than anything else I’ve found in overcoming the challenges associated with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, ADD and ADHD.

I would love the opportunity to meet you and discus how I might be of service to you and/or your child. Please call me. The call will change your life!


Stephanie Taylor


Phone: (801) 678-0330

Location: Spanish Fork, UT

FOCUS Dyslexia & Learning Solutions Offices are located in Spanish Fork, Utah. Stephanie serves all of Utah and is willing to travel outside of Utah with special arrangement.