Success Stories

We felt our daughter might be a good candidate for the Davis program but didn’t have a provider close enough for us in Florida. When we came to Utah to visit family for the holidays we contacted Stephanie on a whim and she was so fantastic to work with! She was very sympathetic and understood our concerns. She knew we didn’t have any other option at home and rearranged her own Christmas break to provide a week long program for our daughter. I felt like Stephanie knew my feelings as a mother and responded with a course of action as if it was her daughter. Stephanie is very professional and knowledgeable. My husband and I learned just as much as our daughter and finished the program feeling more confident to be able to help our daughter succeed. Stephanie is kind and patient, my daughter truly enjoyed every minute and developed a close friendship with Stephanie. I am so thankful we were able to do the Davis program with Stephanie! I would recommend her without hesitation!!!

Kat - 9 year-old daughter

I have always thought myself to be dumb.  I used to always be accused of being lazy, selfish, not thinking things through, a poor sport, slow, under developed and so on.  The worst part of it all . . . I WAS TRYING MY HARDEST to “fit in” but I never quite could.  I lived this way for SO LONG!!!  If only the Dyslexia Correction Program was available to every dyslexic child so they could experience what I finally have as an adult and change their whole life! I am NO LONGER ashamed to be “Wendi.”  I am Wendi – a fighter, a survivor, an advocate, a learner and a gifted person with dyslexia!  Stephanie helped me find the key and open the door to a 37-years prison cell.  Thank you, Mr. Davis, for allowing the truth to set so many free!

Wendi - 37

I homeschool struggling grandchildren that both have dyslexia and ADD (just like me.)  Talking on the phone, I realized I needed to have a program before I could hope to effectively help them. I’m so glad I did! I didn’t realize it was so hard for me to stay focused until Stephanie taught me how. I’ve always struggled to finish things, and now I can complete every day tasks so much easier than I used to, which gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. A surprising benefit was gaining full function of my left hand, which prior to my program I only used to steady things. I use my left hand all the time now.   I wish I had this knowledge 50 years ago, but better late than never!

Sheri - 60

Grace spent two years in Special Education Services for learning disabilities in reading and math, and we saw little progress despite amazing teachers.   We decided to look for outside options. Stephanie almost instantly established a safe, trusting atmosphere for Grace to learn and express herself.  Grace’s grandmother taught second grade for 30 years and was astounded at the progress Grace made with the Davis program. Stephanie helped her unlock her abilities, and she is now reading on grade level in 3rd grade.

Grace - 9

I learned tools that have helped me with many things in my day to day activities. In sports and physical activities, my “orientation point” helps me be more coordinated. For example, I couldn’t ice skate without falling down and now I can. My “dial” helps me so I don’t get in fights with my parents and siblings like I used to. The best part of the program is how I feel about school now. Before, I couldn’t wait to graduate high school and never set foot in another classroom again. This caused me anxiety because I didn’t know if I’d ever be good at anything. Now, reading isn’t hard anymore and I like learning. I plan to go to college and be whatever I want to be!

Elijah - 14

Thank you for the program! It has been very useful the past few year.  I was finally able to get my drivers license! I also have a job now and I’m looking into courses at the community college. I really liked the way that you taught the visual learning and the making the words with clay. They were really effective with how I learn. One of the biggest improvements for me has been being aware of the passage of time. I don’t spend hours playing video games any more and believe it or not, I am on time now! This will help me at work. Thank you again for everything you’ve done for me.

Brandon - 20
I was amazed how, even though I didn’t understand why or how the program worked, I could see in my daily life that it worked.  Stephanie’s ability to facilitate in the way that I needed for my progress was a great blessing.  She is truly skilled and does a wonderful job.  I would recommend her to others without any reservations.
Marti - 40
The investment of both time and money was a worthwhile sacrifice for our family. My 7-year-old son and I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie for two weeks for a Young Learner’s Reading Program. The experience was truly life changing for him. My son gained tools and skills that have helped him to excel academically in ways I never thought possible. He uses these tools daily, both in and out of school, and his self-confidence has grown tremendously. An unexpected result of the program was that Stephanie was even able to help him stop wetting the bed! I would recommend Stephanie and the Davis programs to anyone who feels that they are ready to embrace a positive change in all aspects of their life.
Stephanie - 7 year-old son
I’ll admit, as a male in my mid-forties, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was signing up for when I came to Focus Dyslexia. I was in the middle of a career shift and knew that I wanted to give myself the best possible tools and resources to assist me in my new direction. I had concerns about my ability to take on new information and process it rapidly to keep up with my new employment. I felt I had gaps in my early learning that I hadn’t been able to bridge on my own. Thanks to Stephanie Taylor and the Davis Method, I was able to bridge those gaps and gain confidence in ways I never expected. As a facilitator, Stephanie gave me her full attention and involvement during the program. It was a private, one-on-one setting where I felt comfortable expressing my concerns. The Davis Attention Mastery program helped me resolve challenges with reading, writing, comprehension, and spelling. The program exercises were unique to me in ways that I could understand and visualize perfectly.
Justin - 44
The Attention Mastery Program helped me a lot! Now I know when I am focused, which of course helps me do stuff faster and better than when I’m not focused. The program also helped me with my OCD! Miss Stephanie is AWESOME! You will learn a lot if you’re willing to let her help you.
Katelyn - 13

I see things in my brain in 3-D.  I used to think that was normal and I couldn’t understand why school was so hard for me.  Words mixed up on me and I couldn’t spell at all. I did a Dyslexia Correction program a year ago. It helped me understand the way my brain works and how to work with it.  Now those things aren’t hard anymore. I have made the honor role every term this year! Being able to read is so important. I actually think being Dyslexic is awesome because my brain allows me to do remarkable, creative things and sports are easy for me. I used to feel stupid, but now I feel talented and confident that I can do incredible things with my gifts. I plan to be an inventor like other dyslexic people, like Thomas Edison and Leonardo DiVinci!

Preston - 11

Wow! Words cannot describe how awesome my program was! One of the biggest helps was when we did auditory fine tuning. After the exercise, I was able to distinguish sounds I’d never heard before.  I knew sounds bothered me, but I had no idea it was related to my dyslexia! It’s like a whole new world has been opened to me. My dog’s bark and high-pitched sounds at work no longer bother me and I now know what squirrels and hummingbirds sound like. I now experience my world in surround sound rather than a garbled, irritating mash of sounds!

Kira - 30

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